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Past Events

Explore some of our past events. We want to connect you to Japan.

Natsu Matsuri

Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) is a festival that is held in every town and city across Japan. For the past five years, we have done our best to bring this festival to you - here in Ottawa!

Natsu Matsuri Summer fun

We do our best to include people - like you - from the community in our cultural events. Come and join us as we learn how to make Japanese foods and crafts from scratch!

Bunka Cultural activities

Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan. Recently, we have helped to raise awareness of Japan's love for America's favourite pastime. Come and join us as the Shikoku Island League sends their best players to duke it out against Ottawa's Champions!

Yakkyu Baseball
Wine & Sushi

Networking is an important process for everyone; especially those who are returning from living and working abroad. For several years, we have hosted an annual 'Wine & Sushi' networking event in order to reintegrate recently returned expats from Japan!

Wine & Sushi Networking



Some of our clients that we are proud of working with.

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