Election for New Chapter President

Our previous chapter president, Victoria Zielinski, has resigned and we are now seeking to appoint a new chapter president. We thank Victoria for all her hard work as president.

Election Date/Time:
Wednesday, August 2nd at 6pm

Earl of Sussex Pub (431 Sussex Dr.)

If you wish to vote and are unable to attend, please send an email indicating your vote to secretary@jetaaottawa.ca by 6pm, August 2nd.

If you would like to run for president, please submit your platform to secretary@jetaaottawa.ca. We will post it on this page upon receiving it and include you in the vote.

Candidate Platforms

Brandon Wallace

Hello JETAA Ottawa Members,

My name is Brandon Wallace and I am running for President of JETAA Ottawa.
I was on the JET Programme for 2 years between 2011-2013 as an Assistant Language Teacher in Hyogo Prefecture. My experience in Japan had a large and continuing impact on my life. Apart from the teaching and professional experience I also fell in love with Japanese culture and language, becoming N3 certified in the JLPT. Since returning from Japan I have continued learning about Japanese culture and language (I intend to take N2 in Dec.). I am currently working as Media Assistant in the Information and Culture section of the Embassy of Japan in Ottawa. For the past 6 months I have been the Vice President of JETAA Ottawa. I am also the current Vice President of the Canada Japan Society of Ottawa. I believe I am well-placed to further the interests of JETAA Ottawa.

My experience as VP of JETAA Ottawa has given me many ideas which, if elected President, I’d strive to implement. The underlying theme of these ideas is increased organization and efficiency of the Executive Committee to grow the involvement of general members and reduce the workload of exec. Some of these ideas have been developed in conversation with other members of the exec. As President I would ensure their implementation. These ideas are not exhaustive, as I am committed to continually critically reflecting on JETAA Ottawa procedures to make it more successful and efficient.

• Business Cards before networking event

• Exec Membership Profile’s on the website

• Increased personalized outreach to members/newly arriving alumni

• Career session for newly arriving JET Alumni

• Intensified transition meetings including organizing folders, documents, etc. beforehand

• Creating a physical folder with the most relevant organizational material to be given to each exec member and at least 1 brought to each general meeting

• 1-on-1 meetings between the President and each exec member to get updates/insights

• Increased liaising with other JETAA chapters and Ottawa based Japan-associations

• Centralized documents for each JETAA event, organized for future years

I have learned many things in my experience as Vice President of JETAA Ottawa, including what characteristics are wanting in the position of the Presidency. I look forward to learning much more and supporting JETAA Ottawa in the capacity of President.

Thank you,
- Brandon Wallace