Sempai-Kohai Programme for Old & New JET Programme Participants

After many months of JET’s long application process, this year’s departing JETs have finally received their results! Do you remember when you got yours before departing on JET? Now that you’ve been there and lived to tell the tale, you can be an invaluable resource for the next group of JETs!

The JETAA Ottawa Senpai-Kohai Program aims to match departing JETs with JET Alumni who have similar locations, backgrounds or interests. If you are a JET Alumni (a former JET Programme participant) and if you are interested, sign up by filling out the form below and we will send you and your assigned kohai an introduction email.

Sign Up Link for for Senpai's (JETAA Alumni) 

Please note that Kohai will have the opportunity to sign up soon, and will be given the Sign Up Link for Kohai directly.

For questions or more information, please contact the event coordinator at